Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to replace a string in DataStage

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I have seen several web sites which are explaining most of the things on DataStage, but I have not seen easiest way to replace a string by using DataStage functionality without using Ereplace Function.

Field Name: SERVICE

Requirement: If the service description contains the word "Functional", then replace the word with "Technical".

Source Service Desc: My Functional Service for you...!!!

Expected Target Service Desc: My Technical Service for you...!!!

Logic to get the output as per the specified requirement;

If Index(UpCase(Ln_L40_Cust_Det.SERVICE),'FUNCTIONAL',1) > 0 Then



Link Name:Ln_L40_Cust_Det

Please let me know if you have any queries about the logic.


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But I still couldn't find how can I do if I have "Functionnal" several times in my field ...
Have you got an idea ?

Hello Gaela,

Exactly I don't have any idea, need to have some-sort of workaround about the same. I'll update you asap..!!


Thanks for the information on Datastage replacing.

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